A New Innovative Technique in Retinal Detachment

A “belt” gird silicone achieves the eyeball and reapplying the detached or unfolded in a high myopic retina. Dr. Carlos Mateo IMO is one of the few specialists in Europe applying this pioneering technique in the treatment of this eye disease

Dr. Carlos Mateo, retina specialist at IMO, is one of the few global professionals in using macular indentation, a technique associated with vitrectomy surgery in cases of retinal detachment by macular hole (lack of tissue in the part Central retinal) or retinoschisis (progressive unfolding of the layers of the retina) in high myopes.

Macular indentation involves placing a piece of silicone internally provided wire titanium, on the side and back of the eyeball to change its curvature and keep it stable in the new position, so that the retina (thin layer lining the inner wall of the eyeball), detached by the elongation of the balloon is put back in place. The technique is applied to people with retinal problems caused by high myopia, in which the eyeball is more elongated than normal and produces excessive stretching of the retina, causing their detachment or cleavage in layers, which directly affects vision problems for the patient.

Dr. Carlos Mateo has dealt with this technique to 87 patients, with excellent results. “The placement of the piece of silicone pressed the back of the eyeball, reducing excessive elongation of the wall,” he explains. Thus, the section acts as a belt that achieves return the eyeball a suitable length for the retina remain applied to the inner wall of the balloon and thus prevent further landslides or degeneration of the retinal layers are produced by separation, which can be recurrent in abnormally elongated eyes.

In many cases, the indentation replaces silicone oil, fluid which is introduced into the eyeball after some vitrectomies to maintain the retina adhered to the wall of the eyeball. According to the specialist IMO, the results are much better with the indentation as it is a final technical and avoids, in most cases, problems may arise associated Long-term silicone oil as glaucoma or progressive atrophy of the optic nerve.

The Benefits Of Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle?

When you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must know the ideas that will help you improve your personal ability in your life. Here are the benefits of improving your health:

It will help you reduce the cases of diseases. Disease can be harmful to yourself whenever you need enhance your life. You must make sure that you keep off diseases as far as possible from your life when looking forward to improve your health. It will save you money. Paying hospitals bills can be expensive when you have no insurance cover. You should ensure that you do know the information that you will do especially when making your decision right. You need to remember that your Health starts with your lifestyle. In the end, you will be able to make huge savings especially when looking forward for the best ways to enhance your health. When you follow these tips, you will improve your health well.

Simple Steps To Observe For A Better Health

Many factors affect your health, and some factors cannot be changed, and they include the genes that a person is born with or the age. But many of the factors can be controlled by changing the way you live. Even small, simple steps undertaken towards a healthy living improves one’s health and lowers the chances of incidences such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems.

Various steps can have a tremendous impact on your health, below are simple steps that improve your health.

? Exercise more frequently

? Maintain a healthy weight

? Limit the quantity of alcohol use

? Keep an eye on your blood pressure

? Avoid tobacco

? Maintain a healthy balanced diet

? Get to know your family history

? Take medicines as directed by your health care provider

The most of the important step to observe in order to a better health is to maintain a healthy eating which in the long run translates into a healthy weight. Healthy eating can make one avoid diseases. A healthy eating means watching on the amount of calories one consumes, eat more fruits, vegetables, low fat milk, and whole grains. Eat foods with lower amounts of salt and drink lots of water instead of flavored drinks.

What is Health and How Do We Take Care of It?

Health can be defined in many different ways, and that is so because it has different meanings. Health is the general condition of the mind or body with reference to reliability and vigor. It is simply the soundness of the body or mind. Some people can define health as the freedom from ailment and disease. There are many ways in which to keep the body and mind healthy. Achieving and maintaining your health is a continuous process that is shaped by the development of health-care knowledge. There are several organized interventions used for staying healthy.

Proper Diet

Adopting the appropriate diet for your situation is one of the best way to stay healthy. It is an important way of maintaining your personal health. Having a healthy diet that includes a several plant and animal based foods can go a long way to improving your health. These food varieties provide the body with nutrients, which in turn provide energy needed to keep entire body running.


Regular exercising helps keep the body fit and healthy. There are many forms of simple exercises that can be performed by almost anyone. These exercises have proven effective in the burning of fats and keeping the body lean and healthy. There are lots of highly effective exercising gadgets that can be used in the comfort of our homes and that provide some of the best exercises needed by the body. There are also many exercises that can be done without the use of equipment.


A person’s health shouldn’t be taken for granted under any circumstance. Proper healthcare is something that every person should have access of. With proper healthcare, the health of citizens are managed in the best possible way. Whenever someone gets sick, they should seek for medical services as soon as possible. Failure to take care of the body can lead to various health issues.

Good Health Tips For Your Eating Habits

It takes effort (without trying) to constantly enjoy your preferred morsel or delicacy throughout individual’s three square foods each day. The hard part is really monitoring what’s really making its way onto your teeth and lower to your stomach. That requires performance, just a little precaution and analysis. Exactly! It did not appear in your thoughts what is in the food you’re eating, but trust me you’ll go through the effects which are not exactly enjoyable. Good quality advice demonstrates how you can eat wisely. Eating wise requires the healthy diet, and just how that diet can prevent certain ailments for example diabetes, cancer or known heart disease. Good nutrition also adds to restored energy, sharper focus and much more healthy benefits. Take a look at useful tips below:

Make it simple – You do not have to stress yourself out by calculating those calories religiously and measuring out food portions. Focus your attention on your favorite selection of foods and basic recipes wherein you can add a couple of fresh ingredients. Classify your diet in terms of freshness, color and variety.

Smaller portions – Three square meals daily are becoming three enormous feasts a day! Amidst efficient good health tips for your diet is to consume reasonably and lower those portions in your daily food consumption. In lieu of three meals you may disperse small sized meals portions into five to six meals. Employ smaller plates to assist you in reducing down on your servings of fish, chicken or bread.

Something to think about – Eating wisely is not only about the food we eat but exactly how we eat. What are your thoughts on food? Could it present you with nourishment or perhaps a food to ply yourself in each and every chance you receive? For instance, are you currently eating like it is the last meal ever? Enjoy the food and grind the most of the richness in the taste. Pay attention to the body and make sure when you’re truly hungry or thirsty.

Obtaining your breakfast, lunch and supper could be satisfying if you accept good health ideas to ingesting.

Health and wellness is one thing that you should apply with greatest concern. It’s not great to hold back and understand right after when things are past due. It is therefore crucial that individually and all of us take proper care of our body to get an exceptional overall health. Trying to keep a good well-being aids our bodies to be on guard and armed with vital nutrients to improve our defense system so as to combat undesirable radicals that cause illnesses. Take time to check out good health suggestions to help make us mindful of what we have got and what we have to keep on a healthy lifestyle. Good health tips to retain our bodies robust and nutritious.

Engage in physical activities to exercise those muscles. If you are often on your seat watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite game, it is time to change that habit and transform it to activities that are much healthier. Less physical activities make the body stale and weak. Simple exercises can make you a better person. Engage in small morning or afternoon walks. Walking helps strengthen your cardio vascular muscles and helps those legs be in its best use.